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The Full Story


Rick and I (Sarah) live 2 miles North of Spokane WA, and have been raising Bichon Frise puppies for about 15 years.  We live in a large house with two acres that is perfect for raising our puppies inside our home.  The puppies are "hand raised" with love and care.  Call Sarah at 509-747-0800 for information about our puppies and availability..


With our 5 females and one male, our AKC puppies are bred of the highest quality according to breed standards.  We have an excellent vet that works with us side by side to ensure that our adults and babies are healthy and perfectly cared for.


Our vision for our services is to bring you a healthy, happy Bichon that will bring you many years of companionship and joy.  We have dedicated our home and lives to this "calling"

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